Maximize Sales, Maximize Profits!

  • Customer check-out at the speed of light!
  • Never again run to check a price. It’s all there at the register – pricing, quantity, and deposit data.
  • Detailed, professional receipts generated instantly.
  • Produce promotional materials and customer lists – even the mailing labels.

You’ll Experience Total Control

– from maximizing sales to flawless accounting, from real-time inventory management and taxation data to air-tight security. Hundreds of beverage retailers worldwide have profited firsthand from the software designed specifically to meet their needs. You can, too!

Without changing the way you already work, expand your reach to literally every aspect of your operation – whether you’re running just one retail outlet or a hundred. Of the dozens of point-of-sale programs tested by Computer Reseller News, our software has been rated “Easiest to Use”.

Technical support unsurpassed in the industry sets us apart from the rest. While our unique, dedicated software is the cornerstone of our business, applying its full potential to yours is what’s made us successful.

Keep Them Coming Back for More!

• Reward your best customers: implement discount incentive programs.
• House accounts, complete with preferences, and comprehensive monthly
billing statements enhance customer satisfaction.
• Purchase history tracking helps you focus your sales efforts.
• Personalized bar-coded cards enable automatic processing of preauthorized
• Access and print drink recipes – over 1,000 provided free!

Imbedded, Multi-Layered Security.

• Data and select functions restricted to authorized employees.
• Sales and system interactions tracked by employee, ensuring total accountability.

With Knowledge Comes Power!

  • Track sales by brand, type, department, distributor, or date. Assess costs and profit margins in seconds.
  • Track bottle, keg, and tap deposits.
  • Document employee sales performance.

Direct Integration

LiquorPOS integrates direct to Heartland’s platform for seamless credit card processing. We also offer integrated gift cards through Heartland Marketing Solutions.

Fully Automated Inventory Management

  • Free 10,000-item database makes start-up a snap!
  • Barcode scanning of manufacturers’ UPC codes ensures accurate processing.
  • Inventory data adjusted automatically with every sale and product delivery.
  • Reorder Alerts eliminate surprises.

If you’re interested in LiquorPOS email me,, or feel free to give me a call at 860.659.8900.

Unsurpassed Customer Support

  • 30 days of complementary technical support gets you up and running fast.
  • Trained professionals troubleshoot system, hardware, and networking problems.
  • Your system problems diagnosed on-line from our location via modem.
  • Annual support contracts provide unlimited toll-free hot-line support. Pay-as-you-go support also available at a nominal charge.