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Building Brand Awareness. Place your business directly in your customer’s wallet. It’s a low-cost, effective advertising tool that your customer will carry with them.

Increasing Sales.  Gift Cards bring people into your store, spending over 60% more than their gift card value – long after the holiday season is over.

Preventing Fraudulent Activities.  Unlike paper gift certificates, gift cards feature built-in security measures that reduce financial risk – and potential headaches.

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Heartland Gift 

A gift card is a great word-of-mouth marketing tool to gain new clientele. It’s a personal endorsement — from the gift card giver to the gift card recipient — to patronize your establishment. The recipient, who otherwise may not be familiar with your business, has the chance to become a new, loyal customer. What you’ll receive with Heartland Gift:

Reloadable gift cards

Ongoing phone-based support

Heatland point-of-purchase promotional materials for seasons, holidays and special occasions

Best practices, marketing how to’s

Card registration with access to registered customer list

Through Heartland you’ll be able to sell your gift cards online on Amazon and other gift card retailers.

You already trust Heartland for your payment processing. Now trust Heartland to show you how to grow your business with a gift card program.
Simply contact Jennifer D’Angelo for more information and we’ll help you implement one quickly for the holiday season.



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