Quickly validate your marketing and advertising effectiveness — with an easy-to-use solution.

Are you spending money and energy on local ads, email campaigns, or social media? How do know if it’s even working? With Heartland Analytics, we have your back. It is a simple, yet powerful way to know your business better.

Elevate your card processing 
Harness the power of your credit card data and receive concise analysis with Heartland Analytics.  

Compare new vs. returning customers
Quickly determine whether promotions are bringing in new business or just giving discounts to regulars. 

Increase effectiveness 

Your Analytics dashboard helps you spend marketing and advertising dollars where they’re most effective.

Ready to grow with you
Easy build on Analytics with advanced customer intelligence and email marketing modules when you’re ready.

Key Features  

Concise dashboard |new vs. returning customers| total visits sales volume, and average ticket metrics|manual event tracking| premium modules tie in 

IF YOU WANT to discuss a marketing and analytics through Heartland 
email or call 860-659-8900

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