DangeloSolutions has everything you need to start selling online today

DangeloSolutions' eCommerce solution focuses on both you and your customers

How DangeloSolutions eCommerce can help you

  • Easy integration with most eCommerce shopping carts and platforms
  • Lowered total cost of payment acceptance
  • Reduction of costly chargebacks
  • Faster funding than other payment processors
  • Unparalleled support 24/7
  • Increase shopper conversions
  • Encourages repeat purchases

How DangeloSolutions eCommerce can help your customers

  • Minimizes friction at checkout
  • Provides a wide variety of payment methods
  • Protects customer’s credit card info from fraud
  • Multi-use tokenization enables customers to store credit card info

Let me help your business prosper

Jennifer D’Angelo
National Payments Specialist

DAngelo Business Solutions, LLC

I would love to help you choose the best payment processing, e-commerce, payroll/HR, marketing, and/or lending solutions for your business.

I have been at DangeloSolutions, helping clients, since 2006, and I also have more than a decade of experience as a business owner.

Grow online sales and provide an exceptional customer experience
  • Let customers use the payment method they prefer (credit card, digital wallet, check, or gift card)
  • Multi-use tokenization supported (enables customers to store credit card information on file for repeat purchases)
  • Easy-to-use payment form makes checkout a breeze for customers and reduces cart abandonment since there are no redirects
Integrate simply and easily with most eCommerce platforms
  • Plug-and-play installation makes it a snap to integrate with dozens of website and e-Commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress and more.
  • DangeloSolutions eCommerce can be integrated with both PayPal and
Secure online payments, reduce costs, and protect from fraud
  • Secure your payment platform to protect from costly chargebacks
  • Reduce total cost of payment acceptance for your business

How DangeloSolutions secures transactions: 

  • Customers visit your site and make a purchase
  • Encrypted card data is sent securely to DangeloSolutions without touching merchant servers
  • Transaction is quickly and securely processed with a payment token that can’t be decrypted
  • The token is then approved and returned without card data ever being transmitted

Interested in Online Billing and Invoicing?

Create an online store with DangeloSolutions

We make it easy for you to expand your four walls. Or, if you prefer, we have partners who can create your site for you.
Secure and Customer-Focused
  • Shopping Cart Management – Securely collect payment information and automatically remind customers to complete abandoned purchases
  • PCI-Compliant Gateway – DangeloSolutions Storefront meets Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards to protect cardholder data
  • Confirmations and Notifications – Update your customers about purchases, declines and shipments
Set-up and Support
  • Several Plans Available – We have different plans and options available to fit your needs and budget
  • Domain Name – Use a domain name you already own, or get a secure, unique name from us.
  • 24/7 U.S.-Based Live Support – You are important to us. Call us anytime and we will answer within seconds.
Easy and Customizable
  • Design and Customization – Templates are available to help you design a site that is uniquely yours
  • Point and Click Uploading and Editing – Add and edit anytime, in-browser, using modifiable HTML/CSS files, and upload products all at once or one at a time
  • QuickBooks – Manage your finances with seamless QuickBook integration
Build Recognition
  • Maximize SEO – Get high rankings on major search engines to increase your customer base
  • Online Marketing tools – DangeloSolutions can help you expand your brand and build repeat customers
  • Mobile Optimization – Modern design with shopping experience, enables customers to shop from any device, and increases Google Search rankings