Chiropractic Card Processing starts as low as $20.00 per Month. That’s only 65 Cents a Day!

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Meet Jennifer and allow her to introduce to you the New Online Bill Pay + Invoicing POS:

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Welcome Doctor, Processing your payments through Heartland provides simple, secure, solutions made for Chiropractors.

  • EMV/Chip Secure Device Solutions
  • Auto-Pay for Chiropractors
  • 100% Breach Guarantee from Heartland
  • iOS and Android solutions for Mobile Processing
  • Electronic Health Record with Chiropractic Software with flawless integration
  • Guarantee for unmatched US live support, 24/7 365 days a year
  • Cost Savings and Lowest rates
  • HIPAA and PCI Compliance
  • Unbeatable Cloud Solutions
  • Guaranteed no Rate Creep
Jennifer D’Angelo, Heartland, has specialized in providing payment processing and other practice solutions to Chiropractic groups, with industry specific special offers for over ten years.

 Reviews from Chiropractors

Ingenico® iCT220 CL: Stand-Alone Chip Processing Made Simple

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The Ingenico iCT220 CL is designed for easy handling and robust daily use, offers EMV®chip-and-PIN and chip-and-signature, magnetic stripe and NFC/contactless payment options, and enables NFC payments, such as Apple Pay. It is a Heartland Secure certified terminal and is EMV ready.

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EMV Overview

Software Integration: All-in-One Practice Management

Heartland has the best software integration specifically designed for Chiropractors. We understand that there are 3 important things to efficiently process clients.

Electronic Health Records – Auto-Pay – HIPAA and PCI Compliance

The PAX S300 is the most robust offering Heartland has for Chiropractors and is able to integrate with many EHR Chiropractic Solutions or we’re able to set up new Chiropractors with VitaLogics. We can integrate with other softwares like Platinum Systems and countless others.

Learn more about the PAX s300 or Vitalogics

Heartland Mobile POS: Run Your Practice from Your Phone or Tablet

The way people pay for goods and services is continually changing. That’s why today’s practices should have a payment processing partner that can provide high-quality services, products and customer care.

Unlike other mobile payment solutions that hold funds for up to 30 days, Heartland funds its merchants as if they are processing transactions in a store, so you’ll receive your funds faster.
Heartland also offers, Heartland ECR, it’s a cloud based, Electronic Cash Register solution. Click Here to Learn More about ECR >

Cloud Based Auto-Pay: Build What’s Right for Your Practice


Portico Virtual Terminal is a complimentary, Cloud Based, point-of-sale option exclusive to Chiropractors that enables you to process all credit, debit, prepaid and level II commercial card transactions quickly and securely from any windows-based PC or laptop with internet access. All while being HIPAA compliant, click here to learn more or here for a live demo.

Our iPP 320 integrates easily with Heartland Portico via USB. The iPP 320 can process both magnetic strip and Chip-Secure Cards, while the USB reader can only process magnetic strip cards.

We are partners and recommended by the Berkshire Philosophy Group, International Chiropractors Assn, Chiropractic Council, Chiropractic Alliances and more.

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Mobile Payment Processing on Phone or Tablet

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