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General Setup Information

Please note: The only device that is certified to work with VitaLogics is the PAX S300, which is a chip-enabled credit/debit card reader for $315+tax (includes shipping and cable). However, we may be able to reprogram your existing credit card machine for back up (It will not work with VitaLogics Software unless it is the PAX S300).

Who does your credit card processing, other than the owner?

Technical Information

Static IP Information

If you have a Static IP Address, then the following is required. (which you can get from your IT person or phone carrier, or you can follow the instructions below). Regardless, you need to have an open port on your internet router.

How to find your current IP address and determine whether it is static or dynamic:

  1. Open Windows Start menu
  2. Select Run. Type: command and click OK
  3. At the blinking cursor, type: ipconfig /all and press Enter
  4. Look for these entries near the end of the list: - Dhcp Enabled. ...
  5. To exit, at the blinking cursor, type: exit and press Enter
DangeloSolutions can set up your credit card transactions to process automatically for you.
(example: At the close of your business day)

Other Information

If yes, we have a free funding analytics portal (DangeloSolutions "Infocentral") for you.

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